Movie Review: Land

In the case of the new movie “Land” both directed and starring Robin Wright, the screenwriter started with a woman in her 50’s named Edee played by Wright – traveling by herself to live in the middle of nowhere, with absolutely nothing but a few cans of food in a broken down and abandoned log cabin with no plumbing. From the start of the movie, the question is, “why would anyone want to do something like this?”. Slowly during the two hours, we find out that a horrendous tragedy has happened to Edee. A tragedy that would challenge even the strongest among us to their very limit. Survival instincts take over that at times can be out of your control, when the worst of life happens. The brain tries to find a way to numb the pain, and try to move on – some how, some way. Many cannot move on and either go insane or take their own lives within a situation like this one. Land is definitely not a happy film, but no story like this one could ever be told in a happy way.

This film is about human survival, intense levels of grief and most importantly, human empathy – something that is very rare in this world. During her attempt to live in the middle of nowhere, Edee befriends Miguel, played very well by Demián Bichir, who not only saves her life but teaches her how to survive in the middle of the mountains of Wyoming. Their friendship grows with his sporadic visits, even bringing his dog who becomes quickly attached to Edee. The Cinematography of the huge mountains of Wyoming was very well done, as was the first time directing debut of Robin Wright. The ending of this movie is both powerful and emotional and at the end Edee finally finishes her story, about why she is such a state of extreme emotional grief. The story of Land is a simple and very powerful one.

Once again the critics are wrong, with the Rotten Tomatoes only at 69%. This film is a solid 85% and has my full recommendation.

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