Movie Review: Godzilla vs Kong

For all movies like “Godzilla vs Kong”, with great special effects and a preposterous story, we all forego logic and common sense, in order to be entertained by great action scenes. Unfortunately for most movies special effects movies, almost without exception, there is no great and enjoyable underlying story. All that matters is the computer animation and special effects. Everybody respects the software developers who create great action scenes and in the case of the new movie “Godzilla vs Kong” fight scenes between Godzilla and King Kong are spectacular. However like always, there is no real story that makes much sense.

This time around we are told that there is a part of the planet earth that is called “hollow earth” where huge creatures like King Kong and Godzilla have come from. In most of the previous movies, the explanation had something to do with a nuclear accident that revived prehistoric creatures from millions of years ago. I would have preferred this idea instead of a bubble in the middle of the planet earth as would most fans of the Godzilla and King Kong movies. Both ideas are ridiculous, but less ridiculous is animals from millions of years ago being revived by nuclear power.

Returning to this new Godzilla movie are the 2 of the actors from the bad “Godzilla: King of the Monsters“, released in 2019 including Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler. New actors include: Rebecca Hall, Eiza Gonzalez and Brian Tyree Henry. There are at least 2 sub stories in this film, that seem to be mostly disconnected, all culminating in huge fight between Godzilla, King Kong and a giant robot Godzilla created by some evil company. Like so many movies like this, it seemed at time that whatever the screenplay might be about, the important thing was to create the special effects first, and then write a story around it.

The Rotten Tomatoes ranking of 80% is not correct, this movie is mostly in the 60% range, mostly because of the bad story. See this movie for the special effects and do not expect much more than that. I do not recommend Godzilla vs Kong.

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