Netflix Movie Review: Stowaway

Movies about traveling to Mars have been becoming more prevalent the last few years. The catalyst has been all the Mars probes – the latest one Perseverance even includes a helicopter as well as a very impressive new method for landing. When any screenwriter writes a screenplay about traveling to Mars (the most important of these is “The Martian” released in 2015 starring Matt Damon) – the science and logistics have to be the most important parts of the story.

The new Netflix release “Stowaway” is lacking in both science and logistics, because the story here is that a maintenance worker become a stowaway during a trip to mars (this could never happen), and then other things go wrong (could definitely happen) and as a result the ship does not have enough oxygen for 4 people because the mission was planned for 3 people. The problem here, is that Nasa or Spacex would have redundant oxygen for any manned mission to Mars of the Moon, because there is nothing more important than Oxygen. Therefore, the odds of an oxygen problem like the one in this story, barring an explosion like what happened with Apollo 13 – would be highly unlikely. The other problem with this movie is that the story dragged on way too long in between the major action points, making the entire film rather boring.

The acting in this movie is good enough, despite the weak story, including Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Shamier Anderson and Daniel Dae Kim, but is far from enough to save this movie. Also I thought that the ending was far too abrupt, almost as if the screenwriter ran out of ideas.

I agree with the low ratings on IMDB of only 5.6 and I do not recommend this film.

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