Movie Review: Wrath of Man

For those who think that the new Jason Statham movie “Wrath of Man” has karate-like-action in it – you will be very disappointed. This is the first 100% acting with no Karate movie that I think Statham has ever made in his career. Much to my surprise there was no martial arts action in this entire film.

Different variations of this story have been done before. “A gang of high end armored car robbers over time get more and more bold in their heists, culminating in a robbery involving numerous armored cars carrying over 160 million dollars.” The elaborate back story, involves Statham – who plays a character named H after he and his son become victims of circumstance due to one of the armored car heists that the gang pulls off. This mutates into a revenge story, that works and then does not work – mostly because the entire story is told within a tangled time line that goes from back to front, to back again, to the middle and then to a conclusion involving a seen-before machine gun fight. I have never seen any movie that has this many time line changes before – but somehow it was possible to follow all of these flashbacks, despite the insane and risky way this story was told.

I was a surprised to see actor Josh Hartnett in this film, who has had a greatly reduced career the last few years after peaking a decade ago – once again showing the world how precarious a career as an actor can be.

Overall, I thought the acting was good enough, but the story too elaborate and complex to believe. The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this movie are accurate at 68% – and because of the crazy way the story was told, I give this film just a marginal recommendation.