Movie Review: Spiderman: No Way Home

The need to suspend all common sense in order to watch science fiction/Marvel movies has been increasing over the years and just might have reached a new high with the latest Spiderman movie “Spiderman: No Way Home”. The story started with the world finding out the identity of Spiderman aka Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, and as a result Peter Parker, his girlfriend MJ, played by Zendaya and best friend Ned played by Jacob Batalon could no longer get into MIT – due to recent negative and untrue press about Spiderman. The solution, Parker goes to Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and asks him to reverse time in such a way that nobody knows his true identity; except for certain people who Parker chooses as Doctor Strange is creating the-reversal-time-with-exceptions-spell. Unfortunately the Doctor’s last minute changes cause some kind of a warped wrinkle in time where all the previous Spiderman’s and Spiderman villain’s come back to their world. This premise not only suspended but actually broke all levels of plausibility. While seeing all of this unfold I was more amazed that a thought like this could have been conceived, than I was annoyed at how insane this idea was. Coming up with a new idea that has never been done before can sometimes become a thin line between creativity and absurdity.

Once again the special effects for this latest Marvel movie are spectacular and it is always impossible not to be impressed with the computer generated effects within movies like this one. Unfortunately, the insane idea and at times, slow moving story tainted what could have been one of the better Spiderman movies. For me, the most amazing fact about this Spiderman movie is that the critical ratings are so high – 94%. My rating is around 75% with a mild recommendation mostly for the most die hard Spiderman fans.

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