Netflix Movie Review: Don’t Look Up

What is most unusual about the movie “Don’t Look Up” is the large number of #1 stars who appear in this film and its rapid decent from theaters despite this star power. As of today Don’t Look Up is on Netflix and I can only guess at its early popularity. Directed by Adam McKay and starring Merrill Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothée Chalamet, Tyler Perry, Jonah Hill, Ron Perlman and Ariana Grande.

This story is a parody of Global Warming in the form of a huge asteroid that is discovered to destroy the Earth in 6 months. What follows is two scientists played by DiCaprio and Lawrence who make the rounds to the President, the press and even morning talk shows about the immanent end of the world, only to be laughed at, disbelieved and ridiculed in the press. Just like the early days of The Global Warming warnings that started decades ago.

Adam McKay, who also wrote this screenplay does a great job at tying the ironies of Global Warming to the ironies and stupidity within this story and how even when facing the end of the human race a few billionaires come up with a plan to crash land the comet on the planet in pieces because it is comprised of valuable earth metals needed for cell phones and other electronics. We can make trillions of dollars against the total end of all humanity. Where this movie fails as a parody is that most of the attempted humor fails – probably accounting for the low 56% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. I thought the acting was good, especially within a few scenes where DiCaprio goes off the deep end due to his frustration with all the insane people around him, who “just don’t seem to get it’.

I rank this movie a solid 75% for the star power and acting and the very unusual idea behind all of this. This is also one of those movies (and I personally hate this) that is not over when you think its supposed to be over – well into the end of the credits. Why is this a new trend in movies? Who wants to sit through credits just in case there is something extra at the very very end? Also for those who may have heard that Merrill Streep has a nude scene at the end, I read that this is a body double. Despite this, I thought this nude scene idea was too over the top.

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