A Tribute to Betty White

Betty White died today, only 17 days short of her 100th birthday. In terms of comedic timing, rhythm and instinct, Betty White, along with Bea Arthur and Michael J Fox are arguably the best sitcom actors of all time. Betty White’s passing today, marks the end of the time on this earth for the entire cast of the Mary Tyler Moore show – in my opinion the best situation comedy of all time.

It is no accident that when Betty White joined the Mary Tyler Moore show it its 3rd season as Sue Ann Nivens, the happy homemaker that this show went from being good, to one of the best of all time. Her interactions with Lou, Mary, Ted and especially Murray were some of the funniest in the history of comedy. Betty went on to star in another all time great comedy show, “The Golden Girls”, along with another comedy icon Bea Arthur. In her 90’s Betty starred in a very good comedy show, “Hot in Cleveland”, still as sharp and brilliant as ever. Its both a shame and a sad part of life that the entire cast of the Mary Tyler Moore show are now gone, 4 of them leaving us this year.

Betty White was one of the all time greats in the history of comedy and never will be forgotten.

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