Movie Review: Infinite Storm

For me, most of the best movies I have seen are true stories. The new movie “Infinite Storm”, starring Naomi Watts is a movie about Pam Bales, who was a mountain rescuer in New Hampshire, near Mt Washington – a mountain range within certain times of a year is the coldest spot on Earth.

At the start of this film, I wondered why anyone would go hiking alone on any dangerous mountain, considering the huge odds of certain horrendous death, should anything go wrong. Slowly during the course of this story, we find out that something extremely horrible happened to Pam Bales and perhaps her reasons for taking such huge risks are to distract herself from what happened to her. Then we find out that this same condition is within John, another hiker she finds at the top of the mountain, almost freezing to death. Taking extreme risks, short of suicide, is how many people are able to get past a horrible tragedy that would kill many. I thought the way all of this was resolved at the end of this film, was very well done along with the way the two of them survived their trip down the mountain.

The ratings for this movie are so low, only 59% on Rotten Tomatoes, because this story is nothing more than a series of events, mostly about surviving the cold, frostbite, a badly injured ankle, major falls and finally their way back to a common parking lot and their cars.

My rating for Infinite Storm is around 70% and a very mild positive review, mostly for Naomi Watt’s acting.

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