Independent Film Review: Basement

For the fourth time in the history of this blog, I have been asked to review the independent movie production called “Basement”. Over the years, after seeing so many movies there are times where a film reminds you of a scene or a scenario from some other movie we have seen before. For the movie Basement, where several different people are trapped in a basement where a war is going on above them, this reminded me of the conflicts among people under extreme stress in “Night of the Living Dead”, 1968 directed by the late George A. Romero. In this classic original horror movie, dead people were becoming zombies trying to break into a house.

The most compelling issue with a situation like this is that under extreme conditions, people eventually become who they really are, because fear brings out the worst in everybody. In the case of Basement, the character Steve, who has a pregnant wife, and is a bigot who causes all the conflict with everybody in the basement. Unfortunately Steve also likes to point his gun at people and think that he is always in charge, even though he is not in his own house. Steve, played very well by actor Hunter Emery has the most interest acting scenes in this movie as he transitions from being a horrendous violent person, to eventually waking up to what is really the most important.

Anyone who has ambitions of breaking into the impossible field of movie making has to admire anyone who is able to get funding or spends their own money to write, produce and direct any small budget movie. For Basement, the director and writer is Robert Rosenbaum, with all unknown actors:
Brian Krause, Hunter Emery, Rizwan Manji and RJ Brown. I thought the acting within high stress situations where a war and loud explosions were going on overhead, where very well done.

This movie will be available on Demand through the following link:

See Basement

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