Movie Review: Watcher

As foreign Hitchcock-like-attempted-thrillers go, this is one of the better ones I have seen in recent years. The story here is simple. I woman is in an apartment looking up at another building and noticing only at night that some strange man is constantly staring at her. It is not possible for her to see this man during the day, due to the angle, the light and the curtains, so the “only nighttime” part of this is very well done. This mystery grows over time to this man following her around, appearing on a subway with some news of other local murders of women in the area.

The cast is composed of mostly unknown actors, starring Maika Monroe as the main character Julia, with the film shot in Bucharest Romania. The director is an up and coming new talent, Chloe Okuno. The good news here is that even though this is a foreign film there are no subtitles – for those who hate reading subtitles. At times and in too many areas of this movie, the action is too slow and I found some of this boring, and nothing we have not seen before. The ending was rather surprising but I found it a satisfying conclusion overall.

I am very surprised at the very high 86% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, I agree more with the audience ratings of 72% with a mild recommendation.