Movie Review: Bodies Bodies Bodies

The new movie with the bad title, “Bodies Bodies Bodies” stars Pete Davidson as his personal life continues to bleed into his increasing number of movie roles. It is obvious Davidson was added to this unknown cast of mostly actresses over worry about not getting enough traffic to what is essentially a rather ridiculous teen-level-slasher movie. Davidson recent fame has much more to do with his being in the cast of Saturday Night Live, ending with this season, and his relationships with some of the most famous women celebrities in the world. This fame he has used to successfully parlay, at least recently, into a movie career. How long this will last is anyone’s guess. He might just be better off just staying on Saturday Night Live. Regardless, I was surprised how small Davidson’s part in this movie is.

Even more surprising is how high the Rotten Tomatoes ratings – 90% are for a movie that I thought was at best below average. There is nothing new here, nothing special, nothing we have not seen before. A group of 20-somethings with one exception Greg, played by actor Lee Pace, who is over 40, and very miscast – get together to play a game called Bodies Bodies Bodies where they have a player pretending to be dead and they all try to figure out who did it. Then a series of events, create a panic in the group with an ending was seemed far fetched and more of a last ditch attempt to fool the audience. Unfortunately this idea did not save this film.

My rating for this movie matches the low 6.6 on IMDB with a solid pass. Once again the critics are wrong.