Independent Movie Review: Yard Kings

I have been honored, now for the 6th time, to review another small independent movie called “Yard Kings”, directed by Vasco Alexandre. This is not only the shortest independent film that I have reviewed, but it is also by far the best.

It is no surprise that this heartbreaking film has won competitions worldwide, including two Royal Television Society Awards in the UK. This short film reminded me of ”The Florida Project”, reviewed on this blog on November 11, 2017. The Florida Project also showed the depressing existence of a young child who has to go along for a bad ride, only because when you are young, you have no choice. When you are a child, you are trapped in whatever existence you are born into. You are totally dependent on who your parents are. If this is a bad situation, as in the case of Yard Kings – with a young girl living in a trailer with her mother and an abusive boyfriend, your life options are severely limited and your bad childhood will haunt you for the rest of your life.

The star of this story is a young black girl, who is about 8 years old and is friends with a white boy her age and they both play in a local junkyard. The backdrop of the junkyard creates the most heartbreaking solution to this young girl’s life as she thinks of a solution to save her mother that only a young child could ever conceive of. It is this solution, from the mind of the child that invokes the same emotions I had 5 years ago when I saw the Florida Project.

The Yard Kings is one of the best short movies I have ever seen, with my rating of 95% and a very strong recommendation.

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