Movie Review: Clerks III

The new movie “Clerks III” is one of those sequels where the producers thought, there is a built-in audience, nothing much to do here, we can slap something together and it will be good enough to make a profit.

The original Clerks, released in 1994, the sequel Clerks II released in 2006, and now this one, are all about a depressing Video Store, next to Quick check with mostly intoxicated or high workers who understandably hate their lives and jobs and are looking to escape their real life by being as intoxicated as possible. There were some funny ideas and scenes in the first Clerks, I never saw the second Clerks but this latest version was a long, boring, and unfunny disaster.

Fundamentally there is nothing funny about having to hold a horrible job to survive, 5 days and 40+ hours a week – a very harsh reality to so many millions of us. Constantly smoking weed also gets old pretty fast and was somewhat funny decades ago with some Cheech and Chong movies. There is no real story within this film other than a man in his 50’s working in a Quick Check and very depressed about his life and losing the love of his life played by Rosario Dawson – who appears as a ghost in several scenes.

The main characters – who are the Quick Check employees, Dante and Elias want to change their lives by producing a movie – all about their lives as Quick Check employees. Jay and Silent (who work next door) also get involved and the rest of this movie is all about jokes and scenes that just do not work. This was yet again one of those movie-going experiences where you are just looking at your watch, waiting for the nightmare to finally end.

The Rotten Tomatoes critics are way too generous with their 64% ratings for this film, with my rating of 20% and a big-time miss.

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