Movie Review: Spoiler Alert

In the history of Television situation comedies, there has probably never been a more perfectly cast and talented character actor than Jim Parsons in the “Big Bang Theory”. Parsons is by far the major reason why the Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, and like Friends, it is one of the most syndicated comedy shows in the history of Television. Parsons won 4 Emmys, in total receiving 65 nominations and 29 awards for his acting on the Big Bang Theory. Parson’s role as Sheldon Cooper was one of the luckiest and most perfect combinations of opportunity and ability in the history of acting. All of this salary and syndication have made the main characters of the Big Bang Theory a very wealthy group of actors.

As far as moving into major movie roles, Parson’s last very good role was in the great movie “Hidden Figures”, released in 2016 and reviewed in this blog. His new movie has an extremely bad title “Spoiler Alert” and is one of those movies where you know exactly what it is about just from the trailer – an ongoing trend that happens far too often in the movie industry. Maybe the title was an attempt at some subtle humor because the trailer gives away the entire plot of this movie. Yes, this is a tear-jerker, once again involving the horrors of Cancer and the horrendous effect it can have on the people around you. But this is one of the first tear jerkers involving a partner dying within a gay relationship.

Sally Field has a relatively small part in this film playing the mother of Kit Cowan, played by Ben Aldridge, who is the young man dying of all things anal cancer with Jim Parsons playing Michael Ausiello, Cowan’s husband. The story is mostly good, with some humor and all of the horrendous meetings with doctors along with the inevitable end – that as always with movies like this is hard to watch. There was some kind of a strange “trick the audience” attempt at the end of this story, that I thought was misplaced and in poor taste. Why they decided to put this trick scene at the end of this film made about as much sense as the bad title.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for this movie is an above average 80% with my rating about 75% and a mild recommendation.

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