Movie Review: Magic Mike’s Last Dance

The good news about the latest “Magic Mike” movie is that the title implies this is the last one. Let’s hope so.

Were it not for this blog and its high ranking on Feedspot and other websites that rank movie review blogs, this is one movie I never would have seen on my own.

The story this time around has to do with a wealthy woman Maxandra Mendoza, played by Salma Hayek about to divorce her very wealthy husband and a new idea based on a conversation with a bartender, played by Channing Tatum (Mike Lane) – where an ongoing play in London will be changed to include exotic male dancers, and Mike would be the director. Impossible to make something like this up, much less make a movie about this. Of course, the entire Magic Mike series is idiotic and ridiculous, something you expect when you walk into the movie theater. The producers and director (once again Steven Soderbergh) this time around tried to throw in the high-functioning genius daughter of Maxandra, Zadie (played very well by Jemelia George). Her performance as a genius child completely steals this mostly bad movie. The attempt to “smarten up” a stupid story idea and screenplay worked only with scenes where Zadie appears.

What most fans of this series probably already realize is that Channing Tatum himself was an exotic dancer like Mike Lane, the character he plays in these 3 movies. One can only wonder and hope that Channing knows how lucky he is to be so wealthy and famous an actor after such meager beginnings.

This time around the low Rotten Tomatoes rating of 46% is correct – and this one is definitely a pass.