Oscar Winners 2022

There is something seriously wrong when a movie about people fighting with hot-dog fingers, bagel time portals, and a screenplay and film so bad, it is in my opinion just about the worst movie ever produced. The problem when something as insane as “Everything Everywhere All at Once” wins best picture during the most important award show of the year, is that – deserving performances and important films are not given the recognition they deserve:

Steven Speilberg should have won best director for the Fabelmans.

The “Fabelmans” or “All Quiet on the Western Front” (one of the best war movies ever made) do not win the best picture.

An outstanding actress, Michelle Williams who should have won for best actress for the Fabelmans, loses for the fifth time. She is long overdue to win best actress. She lost to a woman who was dancing around and fighting with hot-dog fingers and had plastic rotating eyes pasted on her forehead.

We can only hope that this horrible movie does not set a new precedent that different, no matter how bad, is now good.

From a routine browsing of the opinions in IMDB of Everything Everywhere All At Once here are just some of the opinions of normal moviegoers, of this horrendously bad movie.

From: BA Harrison:

Utter Drivel:

In what universe is a film starring Jamie Lee Curtis with hotdogs for fingers considered Oscar-worthy? The answer to that question seems to be ‘this one’, Everything Everywhere All At Once having been nominated in eleven categories at the 2023 Academy Awards. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve somehow slipped into an alternate reality where a film’s worth is measured by how quirky, irritating and baffling it is.

I believe that this film’s success is down to viewers not wanting to admit that they don’t ‘get’ it – “It’s A24, and that means it’s intellectual, and if I say I don’t understand it everyone will think I am stupid”. Well I think you’re stupid for playing along.

So what’s the film about? Well, Michelle Yeoh plays laundromat owner Evelyn Wang, who discovers that the universe is made up of infinite parallel realities, each one different, and that an evil force is attempting to… ah, who am I kidding? I can’t sum up this film. I tried to follow the plot, but there’s so much random crap crammed into the excruciatingly tedious 139 minutes, all edited so as to induce a migraine, that I soon found myself struggling, not just to understand the plot, but to stay watching till the end.

I get that the film is attempting to say something profound about life — being happy with the choices that we have made, having no regrets, and accepting others for who they are — but it’s hard to give a toss about any of that when faced with such relentless codswallop.

Rant over, I’m off to try and find a universe where this film doesn’t exist.

From: Claudio Carvalho

Overhyped and Overrated Bad Trip

I watch and re-watch a lot of movies per year as a hobby (no money involved), and today I have 9988 reviews in IMDb. Last month, I received an email from IMDb listing “Everything Everywhere All at Once” as one of the Top-10 movies of 2022. In IMDb, it is informed that this flick is nominated for 10 BAFTA Awards, 240 wins, and 351 nominations. I can only understand that this is a heard behavior to the promotion of the studio, using “professional critics” and press to promote such garbage. I cannot envision a normal being, without financial interest or being manipulated by critics, to enjoy this crap. It seems to be a bad trip of the writers turned into a movie by insane producers. In the end, this film is 2h 19 min of a complete waste of time. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): “Tudo em Todo Lugar ao Mesmo Tempo” (“Everything Everywhere All at Once”)

From: The Oak

Confusing, annoying and insulting

This movie was supposed to be the best ever, but it just freaked me out. The movie is all over the place and the depth it could have had is ruined by randomness, absurd humor, and pretentiousness. In one of the scenes, the characters suddenly have sausages instead of fingers and they make a pretentious reference to A space odyssey where the pre-human apes fight with sausage fingers. Maybe that’s just humourous and well-meant, but I could hardly watch. It’s impossible to tell if this movie is a comedy or an action movie or a deep drama and if such confusion is your thing, then maybe you would love it. I could barely stand it.