Movie Review: Mafia Mamma

The problem with the new movie “Mafia Mamma” is that there is a very involved attempt to make a movie about a woman from the United States who has been appointed the head of a Mafia family in Italy funny, and almost all of these attempts fail miserably. There is nothing worse than sitting through 2 hours of a mostly bad movie, waiting for something to be funny and it never happens.

The respected actress Toni Collette, plays Kristen, an ordinary housewife who is sending her son off to college and is about to get divorced from her cheating husband who works at a local Starbucks. She gets a call from a woman in Italy and finds out that not only has her grandfather just died, but for some unknown (and this makes no sense) reason, he wants her to take over his Mafia business. Some of these ideas are good, unfortunately, any attempts at making this idea funny, almost always fail- the cardinal sin for any comedy movie – is that it is not funny.

Other problems with this film are some way too gross fight scenes where someones eye is removed with a high heel. This is way over the top for a violent action movie and has no place in any movie trying to be a comedy.

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for Mafia Mamma is a very low 23%, with my rating around 35% and a solid pass on this one.

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