Movie Review: Evil Dead Rise

The new movie “Evil Dead Rise” is one of the few films where I recognized that the casting director was one of the most important ingredients in making this movie what it was supposed to be: scary and insane. The main character in this movie, Elli played by Alyssa Sutherland – is possessed and mutates into an evil horrendous creature, that with impressive makeup, would not work with many actors as well as it worked with Alyssa. Her long facial features and presence pull off one of the most horrible-looking evil creatures in the history of cinema.

This story, about a family and some other residence of a dilapidated dark high rise apartment building, is about impressive special effects, and more blood than I have ever seen, but not much else. Nobody goes to a horror movie like this, to see a well told story. Some of the gore in this production is way over the top, especially at the end, with the appearance of what can only be described as a “combination spider creature”, that has to be seen to be believed. The climax in an underground parking garage includes a giant wood chiper – that would never be in any parking garage, but to pull off the record breaking special effects, and all of that blood, this machine had to be there at the end.

This is a straight up special effects horror movie and not much else. I give this movie a marginal recommendation, only for the insane scenes of horror and gore, with my rating of around 70%, about 15 points lower than the Rotten Tomatoes opinion.

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