Netflix Movie Review: The Mother

The new Netflix movie “The Mother” is about a spy/character whose name is “The Mother”, played by Jennifer Lopez who is stabbed while pregnant during a violent gunfight at the very start of this film. The child survives but because The Mother is a spy (her job is never fully defined in this movie) the child is taken away from her to protect her from dangerous enemies. The Mother saves an agent named Cruise, played by Omari Hardwick, during the gunfight and they become friends. Cruise promises to keep in touch with the daughter to make sure she is never in any danger. This is the entire premise of this film, as the obvious happens some 12 years later when The Mother is called out of her secret life to rescue her daughter from being kidnapped by enemies that are never fully defined once again.

What follows is the relationship between The Mother and Zoe, played by Lucy Paez, and Zoe being trained in remote woods to shoot high-powered rifles and even how to hunt for food. Once again the obvious happens and The Mother and her daughter are located by her enemies resulting in a very predictable final conflict mixed with completely illogical decisions that put Zoe in unnecessary danger.

There is nothing new with this film, nothing we have not seen many times before. The entire story is too predictable and at times has moments that are way too slow. The title of this movie “The Mother” is also misplaced as well as having the main character called The Mother.

I agree with the low 45% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and do not recommend this movie.

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