Movie Review: 65

The new movie “65” with Adam Driver is a very bad movie with a bad title. Nothing up front is explained, other than he has to leave his daughter for 2 years even though she has some undefined medical problem and heads into space for a mission that is never fully defined. How about why is he going to space, what is his mission, and what are they trying to accomplish?. His spaceship hits an asteroid and then the remaining crew dies in cryosleep. He winds up back on planet earth 65 million years ago right at the time Earth is about to be hit by a huge life-ending asteroid. How exactly did this happen? Did they fly through a black hole or something? Another minor detail never fully explained.

Adam Driver (who took the big payday and ran) plays an astronaut named Mills who runs into a young girl named Koa, played by Ariana Greenblatt and what follows is a series of scenes with various dinosaurs and two human beings running for their lives. Unfortunately- there is not much else here and almost no story. It is always a bad sign when any movie comes out early on Thursday, trying to get some box office, before the critics trash another obvious-bad movie.

I agree with the very low 36% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and recommend that nobody spends any money to see one of those “cookie-cutter-special-effects and no story waste of 2 hours.