Movie Review: Last Night in Soho

How things normally work in the movie business is – if you get a big hit, and make a great movie in the past, odds are high that you will get another shot – mainly due to name recognition and a hope that fans of your previous movie will return for your new one. In 2017, Edgar Wright both wrote and directed the vey good “Baby Driver” and most likely somewhere in his files or office floor was one of several scripts that were rejected in the past. The new movie “Last Night in Soho” seems like one of those scripts that would have no chance of ever getting made into a movie were it not for the success of Baby Driver.

The idea about a young woman going to fashion school in London and then having visions of another woman like her 50 years earlier was a stupid enough twist in the middle of this story, only to be surpassed by an even more ridiculous ending that tries to explain the previous 100 minutes of what amounts to a very bad and mostly boring idea.

The advertising for this new film has been rather frequent during TV breaks all over cable TV, trying to remind everyone that Edgar Wright who wrote and directed Baby Driver has a new film. Unfortunately most fans of Baby Driver will be very disappointed with this new movie that in my opinion had no business ever being made. A bad sign for me is at the mid point of any film I am sitting through, when I am thinking about what I will be doing after its all over, or thinking – “please God let this be over soon”.

This movie stars Anna Taylor Joy who received some major accolades for last years extremely good Netflix series “The Queens Gambit”. One has to wonder why she took this role, perhaps not even reading the script because she just wanted to work with Edgar Wright.

The Rotten Tomatoes opinions for Last Night in Soho are an average 73%, but they should be much lower, because this is a long 2 hour waste of time. For fans of Edgar Wright, see Baby Driver again and miss this badly made mess of a film.