Movie Review: Plane

Around mid-October 2014, the idea for starting this movie review blog began – in the hope of a new business idea – something far different than the normal working life of most of the world. All things being equal, working for others will always be considered a “second place finish”, and working for yourself and in charge of your own income and destiny – the ultimate dream for all of us.

This review of the new movie “Plane” is the 1000th blog post within this movie website, that has reviewed past and current movies, award season winners and losers, several tributes (the most recent being for the late Olivia Newton-John) on August 8, 2022, and at times some political and current events commentary. Some two years ago I am very proud that this website was added to the top 100 movie review websites on the internet with Feedspot. This has created 8 new opportunities where I have been asked by both producers and directors to review Independent low-budget movies. These review requests have been a direct result of my high ranking on Feedspot and the popularity of this website – that now is much more about writing than a blogging business.

This ongoing hobby of movie-going and reviewing is a big part of what I do now and I don’t see it ever ending. However, what has been discouraging in 2022 to see the positive reviews and even awards for the two horrible movies of 2022, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” and “Babylon”. I can only hope this has not introduced a new trend in the movie industry, where garbage and weirdness is considered good – only because its different. Every aspiring screenwriter studies movies to gain ideas and perspective on the extremely challenging art of screenwriting. I view these two worst-ever films as a huge step backward for all of us, on the outside looking in.

As far as the new movie “Plane”, starring Gerard Butler, this is a new example of a trend of “Gerard Butler action films” that now can probably be considered a new buzzword in the movie industry. The good part of Plane is the fact that the screenwriter has taken overdone ideas involving a large Jet, passengers, and a prisoner being transported and crashing on a deserted Island and was able to introduce enough new and good ideas to make this movie worth recommending. The transported prisoner Louis Gaspare is played by Mike Colter, who has starred in the Luke Cage TV series and is an action star in his own right. Over time, the pilot of the plane Brodie Torrence, played by Butler, and Louis form a kind of nervous friendship as they try to rescue the passengers after they are kidnapped by local Island terrorists. I thought the action scenes were both strong and believable with a conclusion showing good imagination. The back story is also well done as the airline and FBI work to both find the plane and rescue the passengers. Leading this effort is someone named Scarsdale, played by Tony Goldwin.

This film is far from the best Gerard Butler action movie – that honor goes to “Olympus as Fallen”, released in 2013. Still, it is 2 hours of solid entertainment and my rating is 80%, higher than the once again wrong Rotten Tomatoes rating of 71%.

Netflix Movie Review: Last Seen Alive

There are many good reasons why screenwriting has always been called, “The most difficult art form”. For one thing, there must be a good story and dialogue that will create opportunities for good acting. There has to be a level of common sense, continuity, and very often whatever the action is within those 2 hours on screen, people have to behave, the way that people actually behave in real life. In the case of a highly flawed new Gerard Butler movie on Netflix, “Last Seen Alive” – this movie is loaded with so many errors and so many instances where any lead character would never react the way Butler’s character acts, it ruins the entire movie.

While dropping off at a local gas station, Will Spann, played by Butler is a wealthy real estate investor, who is having marriage problems with his wife Lisa Spann, played by Jamie Alexander. While running short on gas, on a trip to Lisa’s parent’s house, Lisa goes into a gas station and never returns to her husband. She is abducted – immediately a great deal of similarity to the movie “Breakdown”, released in 1997 starring Kurt Russell and Kathleen Quinlan – a much better movie that actually is logical.

Obviously, a frantic Will Spann, calls the police who tell him to stay there until they arrive. Instead, he stupidly drives to Lisa’s parent’s house, rather than just call them. Then, even worse, he follows this up by kidnapping one of the suspects – something that nobody with so much to lose would ever do. This kidnapping, starts a series of idiotic events, finishing within a drug house, with Will trying to find his wife by walking through sheets of plastic used for walls in a broken-down barn. This walking around is for so long a period of time that it was obvious the director was trying to make the movie longer. There is not much of a story here, just a series of events for Will Spann to continue to make mistake after mistake – trying desperately to find his wife. Perhaps the stupidest error is at the end, where Will Spann is not even arrested by the police for being caught red-handed in a kidnapping with the victim found bound in his car by a police officer. It seems the screenwriter was trying very hard to make this story as illogical as possible.

This time around – because this movie is so ridiculous – the Rotten Tomatoes ratings of 11% are accurate and I give this movie a solid pass.

Movie Review: Copshop

A police precinct is being stormed by a group of killers. We have seen this before. Lots of shooting and killing and explosions. We have seen this in every action movie. As far as I saw, the new movie “Copshop” is nothing new with the possible exception of actress Alexis Louder who steals this movie from Gerard Butler, who plays one of the criminals held in a cell at the precinct. The huge mystery here are the high 80% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, considering the movie is at best average with only a 6.6 on IMDB.

I thought the acting was OK, the ending was mostly predictable, but it was too boring in too many areas and nothing new. My rating is an anemic 50% and a pass on this one.