Movie Review: All My Life

The new movie “All My Life” would be considered a typical manipulative tear jerker were it not for the fact that this film is based on a true story. Two young people Jennifer Carter and Solomon Chau (played by Jessica Rothe and Harry Shum Jr.) meet in a bar, hit it off, and fall in love very quickly.

Solomon hates his job as an IT professional and would rather be a Chef. I appreciated the work environment and relatable scenes of stress of Solomon’s job that so many of us experience in our own careers. Never enough time, or appreciation for completing so much work. After a dinner party at Jennifer’s apartment, Solomon is offered a job at a restaurant as a Chef, and soon after, due to financial reasons decides to move in with Jennifer to save on rent.

Everything could not be going better with Solomon and Jennifer and their many friends and soon after, they decide to get married.  Then real life enters the picture with the horrendous and terrifying ups and downs of Solomon getting liver cancer, and decisions that are entirely based on his prognosis.  With their friends financial help and a fund raiser, the wedding moves forward making the pain of watching this story unwind even more difficult to watch. The acting in this film is very good throughout, including Jay Pharoah and Mario Cantone.

All My Life is a tear jerker that we have seen before, but this one is done well enough to recommend.  Rotten Tomatoes is wrong with a rating of only 57%, my rating is more 70% range with a marginal recommendation.