Amazon Prime Movie Review: Samaritan

One can only wonder about the timing of the release of the new Synvester Stallone movie “The Samaritan” and the announcement of his divorce after 25 years from Jennifer Flavin. As this movie was ready for release for probably months, it would obviously be known in advance that there is nothing new about this super-hero-like film, and the odds were high that it would be mostly panned by the critics. Unfortunately movies like this one are reviewed before they are released, and in just about all cases, this greatly reduces the number of people who will see the movie. Having a major associated news story like a celebrity divorce just might save the box office and it seems that might be the case with this film.

For this story, Stallone plays some kind of a twin brother superhero duo called Samaritan and Nemesis. There was an epic showdown between the two brothers some 25 years earlier in this fictional city called Granite, and they were both presumed dead. This story is about a young boy of about 12 years old who discovers that Samaritan is still alive. There are numerous gang members who both employ and terrorize this boy, leading to the depressing and poor environment-crime-ridden scenes that always result in violence and Samaritan coming out of nowhere to save the boy from the gang members. The violence involves lots of people flying in the air from the extreme strength of Samaritan who has the ability to survive being shot by many bullets and even being hit by a car. Other than this there is nothing innovative or unforgettable here and this turns into a low-grade super hero movie rather quickly.

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings of 38% are accurate this time around, and this movie should be rated a miss.