Movie Review: The Protege

Some movies seem like they are a jumbled version of so many other films, or scenes within similar movies that are just thrown together. The new movie “The Protege” is one of those films with a flimsy storyline tied together with action karate scenes and a pretty dumb ending all of which we have all seen many times before.

The Protege stars Maggie Q, one of the more well known female/movie karate experts. Many of her action scenes are very impressive but not nearly enough to save this mostly bad movie – about several hired killers that are all out for revenge. Michael Keaton also stars as one of the antagonists and once again Samuel L. Jackson is in this movie as the friend to Maggie Q’s character. My question as I sat through this excuse for violence and explosions is why any of these 3 actors read the script, and then agreed to make this film. Why was this bad screenplay even greenlighted in the first place?

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Protege are a low 62%, with my rating around 40% and a recommendation that this run of the mill action movie should be skipped.