Movie Review: Thor: Love and Thunder

It is a fact that the movie industry is a multi-billion dollar financial monopoly with huge amounts of investment money that may be lost or made, high level decision makers, screenwriters, actors, lawyers, producers and when mistakes are made, the effects are far reaching, just like any other industry in the world. Considering all of this, It is hard to imagine any group of smart and wealthy people could greenlight a script as bad as the one for “Thor: Love and Thunder”, especially considering that a new bad Thor film might ruin the entire franchise.

Time time around the director Taika Waititi, tried to introduce some humor within various scenes, most of which completely failed. The story is all over the place, fragmented, boring and just seemed to be (once again) just a disconnected attempt to throw special effects at the audience, with no flow or continuity. It was a challenge getting through a mess this bad and I almost dosed off several times, even despite the routine level of explosions and action scenes.

This movie once again stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman as the two main characters from the original Thor movie, released in 2011. Christian Bale is unrecognizable as the evil Gorr with Tessa Thompson and Russel Crowe who both seem misplaced in this very big and mostly boring film.

This time around the critics on Rotten Tomatoes are correct with their low 68% ratings – with mine around 55% due to the poor quality of the story. This Marvel movie is one of the worst and a solid pass.