Movie Review: Saint Vincent

The problem with this movie is that the main character – Vincent has a live that is so depressing that any attempt at being funny or different or having great dialog is going to be lost in light of his incredibly depressing life.

He has no money, he has just run out of all the money in his reverse mortgage. Whatever money he might make gambling on horses he just loses again. His wife is in a nursing home and has dementia. She later dies. He sees this hooker and pays her money, the hooker is played by Naomi Watts, and you will barely recognize her in this depressing move.

Later Vincent has a stroke but somehow after therapy is able to get better, which in light of his horrible life and no money is hard to believe.

Vincent does befriend a neighbor’s kid and there are some positive moments there, but again you are back into the depressing life of this guy and for those main reasons I cannot really recommend this movie.

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