Amazon Prime Movie Review: Without Remorse

Based on the several trailers I have seen for the new Amazon Prime movie “Without Remorse”, I was expecting a much better film. The problem with this story (based on the Tom Clancy novel “Without Remorse”) is that we have seen all of this before. Michael B. Jordan plays John Kelly a Navy Seal, who after completing an operation involving the Russians that went wrong, his wife is killed. This is similar to a much better movie, “A Man Apart”, starring Vin Diesel released in 2003, where the main character goes on a rampage to avenge his wife’s murder.

The remainder of this movie is a story line very similar to so many other movies involving the CIA and covert military operations, where a series of high level executives in the US Government are suspected as being double agents. All of this leads to a standoff in a run down Russian building with massive gunfire and killings. The one scene that stands out in this movie is the scene where Michael B. Jordan sets a car on fire with gasoline, then opens the door of the car covered in flames, goes into the car and gets in the backseat with the person inside in an attempt to gain information. For this extremely dangerous scene, Jordan did his own stunt, risking his life or being a life long burn victim. Once again I thought about “its only a movie”. Why some actors – mostly Tom Cruise, insist on taking risks like this for a movie, is hard to understand. No matter how careful the planning, or how many times a stunt is tested, all it takes is one instant of time and someone dies, or is permanently disabled. As more and more actors take risks like this, its only a matter of time before a huge tragedy will hit the movie industry.

I dont think this below average movie will hurt the movie career of Jordan who has already announced he will be directing and starring in Creed 3.

I agree with the low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for this film and I do not recommend it.