Review: A Walk Among the Tomstones

I cannot recommend this movie.  Overall, the acting was OK but it was a drab depressing movie that did not have enough new things that we have not seen before.  This movie came off mostly as a retread of tired old themes from many other movies.

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Movie Review: Gone Girl

This movie is the main reason why I see so many movies every year.

Extremely well done. The phrase “ONE THE NOSE DIALOG” does not apply here. Every line was original and well thought out.

Huge surprise ending that you would never expect in this movie. You will never seen this coming.

By far the best movies of the year so far in 2014.

I highly recommend this movie.

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Review: The Drop

This movie was James Gandolfini’s last and what a horrible loss for everybody who loves movies because he was a great talent.

I thought this movie was slow in parts and rather boring overall.   It also came off as too dark as it seemed it was always overcast or raining in every scene, which added to the slowness and the overall dark depressing nature of the movie. The acting was good, but it was not a memorable  enough movie to recommend it.

I cannot recommend this movie.

Review: The Equalizer

This movie was quite good – of course it was violent but the interesting thing about this movie was that it made
many violent themes we have seen before very unique and the action turned into some things that we have never seen before in a movie.

I definitely recommend this movie.

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Movie Review: Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

I was surprised this was made into a movie. Its a farce, but not a funny farce. There is nothing here that merits a movie, or anything here that is interesting enough to keep your attention throughout the almost 2 hour run time.

Considering the difficultly and cost of getting a movie made, much less a screenplay read, i was surprised that this movie held so little value.

I cannot recommend this movie.

RB Screenwriting