Review: The Theory of Everything

Overall I did like this movie but it was very slow and long in some areas and of course watching Steven Hawking die of Lou Gehrig’s disease is a very depressing thing to sit through. What was never explained in the movie was how when he was in his 20’s and was told he was only going to live 2 years that he was able to live to age 72 and is still alive today. Something should have been said about this medical miracle that he was able to achieve.

I was impressed with the machine that was invented that allowed Hawking to speak and write which for him was a major live saver and is definitely one of the reasons why he is still alive today and still working in science.

The actress in the movie who played his wife, Felicity Jones is very good in the role with her acting but she is miscast because she is far too attractive to be involved with the lead actor in this movie or Steven Hawking. I also thought that more should have been shown about Hawking’s genius and more of his discoveries.

I do recommend this movie.

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Review: Horrible Bosses 2

This movie actually made me laugh out loud about 6 different times and in my experience going to comedy movies that is VERY rare.

The dialog is certainly stupid but its supposed to be stupid and the stupidity of 2 out of the 3 main characters in this movie becomes very funny over time. Jason Bateman is perfect and funny being the straight main to the two other main characters in the movie. The overall plot is mostly good too, its ridiculous but not too ridiculous as to be unbelievable as a plot of a comedy movie.

One thing to remember is that this is NOT a kids movie and there are some very sexual dialogue in this movie mostly from Jennifer Anniston’s very oversexed character. If your planning to bring your 13 year old boy or girl to see this movie, think again.

I recommend this movie.

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Review: The Hunger Games Mocking Jay

So what is the Mocking Jay anyway? This is never explained in this entire very bad movie.

The sign of a good movie that was derived from a popular book is that a person who has not read the book or books would understand what is going on in the movie. In none of these 3 very bad Hunger Games movies so far, nothing is ever really explained. On top of this why an original book and movie entitled the Hunger Games would ever become so popular considering that it is based on the premise of a TV show where children murder other children is beyond all comprehension. I will never understand the mass popularity of this story when you consider how outrageous the entire idea is.

In this 3rd and unfortunately not last installment of the Hunger Games series, there is no TV game show where young children are killing other children. The main premise is a deal made between Jennifer Lawrence’s character to be the Mocking Jay to save some of her friends. Again, what a Mocking Jay is, is never explained. There are some scenes in the movie which make no sense and have no connection between other scenes and in the end there is a 2 hour movie that makes absolutely no sense. This is part one of Mocking Jay, which suggested there could be 1 or 2 more Mocking Jay movies in the future.

The biggest mystery about this entire movie series is why I keep going to see them.

This is a bad movie, avoid it at all costs.

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