Movie Review: Birdman

I can certainly understand the need for any new movie to be new and different. Thats why a studio takes a risk to make a movie because its going to be something never seen before. Unique is definitely one word I would use to describe this movie – however – good is not a word I would also use. This movie definitely falls into the artsy category, but its just too weird to make any sense.

The acting is very good on all levels and it was unusual to see an entire movie shot inside an old Broadway theater in New York, but most of this movie didn’t make much sense.

At the end of the movie your left wondering why they made it in the first place? Its different and strange but it leaves you feeling empty because you don’t really get the point of the whole thing.

See this movie for the acting and because its different, but I cannot recommend this movie because overall its just not that good.

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Movie Review: Nightcrawler

This movie is highly unusual and different and has never been done before. Just one of the most unusual things about this movie is that its mostly about just one main character, the one played by Jake Gyllenhaal. He is very poor and desperately trying to get a job and is turned down by everyone and even turns to collection scrap and stealing a watch after assaulting someone to make money, in the beginning of this film.

What he does find out is that he can get a police scanner and take videos of crimes in progress or the aftermath’s of car accident or major crimes. What does not surprise you in this very good film is that he degrades into a person who would do anything to make the big score, because a local television station will pay him more money, the more dangerous and sensational his films are.

I have never seen a movie like this before, and as a screenwriter I remember while watching this movie that I wished I would have thought of this idea as myself because this is a great idea for a movie.

This movie was well done and I highly recommend it.

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