Movie Review: Saint Vincent

The problem with this movie is that the main character – Vincent has a live that is so depressing that any attempt at being funny or different or having great dialog is going to be lost in light of his incredibly depressing life.

He has no money, he has just run out of all the money in his reverse mortgage. Whatever money he might make gambling on horses he just loses again. His wife is in a nursing home and has dementia. She later dies. He sees this hooker and pays her money, the hooker is played by Naomi Watts, and you will barely recognize her in this depressing move.

Later Vincent has a stroke but somehow after therapy is able to get better, which in light of his horrible life and no money is hard to believe.

Vincent does befriend a neighbor’s kid and there are some positive moments there, but again you are back into the depressing life of this guy and for those main reasons I cannot really recommend this movie.

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Movie Review: John Wick

This is a highly unusual movie in that it has a minimal story and action that we have seen before, but not at this pace and not this fast.

There is not much to say about the acting because its mostly all about the violence and action and blood. If you like violent fast paced action movies this is for you, if not, then stay home.

Overall, I recommend this movie.

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Movie Review: The Best of Me

As far as Nicholas Sparks movies go, this one is not run of the mill. Its different enough from all the others I have seen. The acting was good and the story while formulaic like all of the Nicholas Sparks movies was somewhat predictable but different enough to take you by surprise in certain areas of the film.

The ending was emotional and it was not easy to get through.

I do recommend this movie.

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Movie Review: FURY

Saving Private Ryan which came out in July 1998 will always be the #1 and best movie about the horrors of war. This movie will rank probably in the top 10 of all time, because when it comes to showing the violence, death and the worst parts of humanity, on that front it does score a high grade.

The acting in this movie is very good and it was good to see the return of Shia Labeouf after he has gone through several years of having some emotional problems in his personal life.  Brad Pit did a very good job as the leader of the group under impossible circumstances of non-stop life and death which is what war is all about.

There was a scene early in the movie when they showed the partially severed face of a man who was killed in the tank which i thought perhaps was a bit too much, but when it comes to war, you can never try to lighten how bad it was for the young men who fought in a war.

I highly recommend this movie.

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Review: A Walk Among the Tomstones

I cannot recommend this movie.  Overall, the acting was OK but it was a drab depressing movie that did not have enough new things that we have not seen before.  This movie came off mostly as a retread of tired old themes from many other movies.

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Movie Review: Gone Girl

This movie is the main reason why I see so many movies every year.

Extremely well done. The phrase “ONE THE NOSE DIALOG” does not apply here. Every line was original and well thought out.

Huge surprise ending that you would never expect in this movie. You will never seen this coming.

By far the best movies of the year so far in 2014.

I highly recommend this movie.

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Review: The Drop

This movie was James Gandolfini’s last and what a horrible loss for everybody who loves movies because he was a great talent.

I thought this movie was slow in parts and rather boring overall.   It also came off as too dark as it seemed it was always overcast or raining in every scene, which added to the slowness and the overall dark depressing nature of the movie. The acting was good, but it was not a memorable  enough movie to recommend it.

I cannot recommend this movie.