Review: American Sniper

What makes a great war movie? A movie that shows the horror of war, and doesn’t try to make the insanity and horror of war any less than what it really is. The all time champion of this will always be “Saving Private Ryan”, which came out in July 1998. The movie “American Sniper” is not on a par with Saving Private Ryan as far as showing battle scenes and death but as far as show how war affects a returning soldier both physically and mentally, American Sniper shows this as well as any war movie I have ever seen.

Bradley Cooper did a great job with his role in this movie and has already been nominated for an Academy Award and there is a good chance that Micheal Keaton will win best actor for Birdman, which is a movie that I did not like, but that’s Hollywood. Saving Private Ryan didn’t even win for best picture in 1998, losing incredibly to the movie “Shakespeare in Love”, which had to be the most ridiculous snub in Oscar History.

I strongly recommend “American Sniper”.

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