Movie Review: Focus

The good things about this movie is the very beautiful Margo Robbie and some of the acting in parts. The bad thing about this move are some of the unbelievable ideas and story plots of some cons that make no sense and have no logic to them.  Its OK to try and fool the audience, but its another thing to create a nonsense idea that would never fly in reality. The trick is to do both, fool the audience and create believable ideas.  Despite this overall I do recommend this movie but mostly due to Margo Robbie.

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Movie Review: The Duff

Duff stands for – Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Certainly a very cruel acronym but this actually exists in modern day jargon today among young people. The point of a DUFF is that a DUFF is suppose to be the person that other people go to to try and get into the inner circle of attractive people who are hard to approach. Its a stupid concept but I definitely believe that it exists in the real world.

I went to see this movie thinking that it might be funny or entertaining and for the most part it was stupid, not funny and contained no real entertainment value.

So I recommend that you skip this movie, no matter what your age is.

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Movie Review: McFarland USA

This is a great sports movie story and showed how difficult it is for some people to coach high school sports or for that matter to teach high school. In this story, Kevin Costner’s character is fired as a Football head coach after an incident with a student and then it seems is desperate to find work anywhere. He winds up in a very southern California town called McFarland which is mostly Mexican and somehow starts a long distance running program in the school and then trains them into being State champions. You have to admire the true story here and the perseverance after a major career blow as a high school football coach is able to turn things around in not only his career as a coach but for this high school in a very poor area.

However, the problem with this movie is that its too boring in too many spots and drags on in some areas too long. Considering the great story and the inspiration here, its a shame there were not many more scenes showing more exciting races or inspirational speeches by Kevin Costner.

Overall I do recommend this movie, but considering the long and boring areas in this movie, its only a marginal thumbs up.

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