Movie Review: The Age of Adeline

This movie reminded me of the movies of the 40’s and 50’s, in that it was classy and well done. The acting was very good and although the idea behind this movie was completely implausible – the idea of never aging, is an interesting one, regardless of how this happened is explained in any story.

I liked that there was no evidence of any smoking throughout this entire movie and considering pretty much all the movies I have seen recently this was a very good change. Smoking should be barred from all movies from now on and the reasons for this are obvious.

Overall I thought this movie was well made and very well acted and I recommend it.

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Movie Review: Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

Why make a second one of this movie? The first one had some physical laughs but overall was rather depressing because the main characters life was so pathetic. In this new movie, some 6 years later, Paul Blart’s life is even worse. His wife, who he married at the end of the last movie left him after a week and then they show his mother being killed when a car drove by her house while she was picking up the paper. Is this funny? Is it funny to see an old woman run over by a car? What am I missing?

The bottom line is that its not enough just to have some physical stunts and funny faces in a comedy movie there has to be more than that, and this movie has nothing more than some physical stunts and no laughs.

Avoid this rather bad sequel to the first Paul Blart movie.

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Movie Review: While We’re Young

This was a bad movie. It was bad because it was boring. It was bad because the scenes did not connect with each other. It was bad because it tried to be funny and was never funny. There was no point to this movie and no message. There was a scene where about 10 people vomited into pails because of some kind of an Indian seminar the main characters were attending and the vomiting went on and on way too long and even continued into the next scene. Its throwing up funny? Did the producers or directors or actors think that showing people constantly vomiting would be entertaining or funny? It was nothing more than disgusting. I could not wait until this bad movie which was close to two hours long was finally over and it was a total nightmare to sit through.

Avoid this movie at all costs.

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Movie Review: The Longest Ride

This is another Nicholas Sparks movie and it is very amazing that this guy has had so many of his love story books made into movies, the best one of course the Notebook which came out in 2004.

This movie “The Longest Ride” is a strange movie because it tries to connect the events of 1940 during and after the war and a love story between a Jewish couple who find out that because of a war injury that they will not be able to have children and a young couple from present day who meet at a Bull Riding event in the south.  The only connection between the two couples is that the women have a love of art and on a drive back after a date the current day couple rescue an old man who they found in a ditch after a car accident.   What follows are some flashback’s to the 1940’s and the old man’s marriage and relationship with his late wife and the problems the current couple are having with their relationship, mainly because the young man who is a professional Bull Rider is not able to give up this very dangerous sport because of a recent brain injury after a bull riding accident on year earlier.

Normally when I have seen movies that try and connect two different stories there are more similarities, connections or ironies that exist than this movie which had some very loosely connected ideas and story lines which for the most part didn’t really work.

I definitely found the movie “The Notebook” a very good movie when is saw it years ago and I have thought over the years that most of the Nicolas Sparks movies were good or at least average but this movie misses the mark on too many levels to recommend.

I cannot give a recommendation to “The Longest Ride”.

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Movie Review: Furious 7

Its a very rare thing when any movie franchise gets better with age and considering this movie franchise is now an incredible seven movies old now, this movie is extremely unique in that the 7th installment of the Fast and the Furious series is the best one yet.

The action in this movie is not only amazing but seems extremely dangerous and while watching this film you just have to worry that one day there will be a very serious injury to someone during the shooting of one of these films. According to Vin Diesel in this movie they destroyed something like 250 cars but not all were complete cars as some where mach ups. The fight scenes in this movie were very well shot and very believable and some of the best fight scenes I have seen in a very long time. Many action starts were in this film including the Rock, Tony Ja and Jason Statham and provided some very impressive fight sequences.

The big downside of this movie was of course seeing on a big screen an actor who is no longer with us, Paul Walker. It is very rare and extremely tragic that someone so young and so rich who was doing so much good for many charities could have died so horribly in a car crash over a year ago. Ironically Paul and another driver died while driving “too fast” on a street in Los Angeles in a dangerous car that exploded on impact. This tragedy is one of the worst of all time in Hollywood history. The Fast and Furious movie franchise will definitely go on, but it will never be quite the same without Paul Walker.

Another flaw in this movie is that just like most of all the other previous 6 movies, much of the story and convoluted logic of the story made very little sense and the entire plot was nothing more than another excuse to create another scene that provides great action. Considering the spectacular action in this movie, any flaw in the plot can very easily be excused.

The ending of this movie was very well done and was a tribute to Paul Walker and as they showed him driving off with Vin Diesel and when they parted on the road, it was extremely depressing but a fitting end to a good person who deserved a much better exit from this life.

The end of this movie gave a strong suggestion to a Furious 8 movie with Jason Statham in prison, which he stated that he could easily break out of. The producers of these movies must be challenged each time to try and top themselves, but Furious 7 is going to be very hard to top.

I highly recommend this movie and it is the only movie of the 7 in this series where I will buy the DVD.

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