Movie Review: The Age of Adeline

This movie reminded me of the movies of the 40’s and 50’s, in that it was classy and well done. The acting was very good and although the idea behind this movie was completely implausible – the idea of never aging, is an interesting one, regardless of how this happened is explained in any story.

I liked that there was no evidence of any smoking throughout this entire movie and considering pretty much all the movies I have seen recently this was a very good change. Smoking should be barred from all movies from now on and the reasons for this are obvious.

Overall I thought this movie was well made and very well acted and I recommend it.

Good Screenplays

Movie Review: Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

Why make a second one of this movie? The first one had some physical laughs but overall was rather depressing because the main characters life was so pathetic. In this new movie, some 6 years later, Paul Blart’s life is even worse. His wife, who he married at the end of the last movie left him after a week and then they show his mother being killed when a car drove by her house while she was picking up the paper. Is this funny? Is it funny to see an old woman run over by a car? What am I missing?

The bottom line is that its not enough just to have some physical stunts and funny faces in a comedy movie there has to be more than that, and this movie has nothing more than some physical stunts and no laughs.

Avoid this rather bad sequel to the first Paul Blart movie.

The difficulties with screenwriting

Movie Review: While We’re Young

This was a bad movie. It was bad because it was boring. It was bad because the scenes did not connect with each other. It was bad because it tried to be funny and was never funny. There was no point to this movie and no message. There was a scene where about 10 people vomited into pails because of some kind of an Indian seminar the main characters were attending and the vomiting went on and on way too long and even continued into the next scene. Its throwing up funny? Did the producers or directors or actors think that showing people constantly vomiting would be entertaining or funny? It was nothing more than disgusting. I could not wait until this bad movie which was close to two hours long was finally over and it was a total nightmare to sit through.

Avoid this movie at all costs.

So many bad movies