Movie Review: Get Hard

Its very obvious that Kevin Hart is the hottest comedian on the planet right now and it seems that he is in just about every new comedy movie, but unfortunately for Kevin and everybody who sees his movies, all of his movies so far are just not that funny.  Kevin Hart should continue with making stand up comedy movies because he is definitely a great stand up comedian, but because of the “strike with the iron is hot” mentality of both Kevin and his agent, they are picking movies long before they are sure they are actually funny or even written well.

The movie Get Hard has a funny premise and Will Farrell is mostly funny in this movie but overall this movie was just not funny enough to recommend.  I counted about 5 laughs in the entire two hour ordeal and the predictable plot did not help the fact that overall this was not a very good movie.

I just hope that Kevin Hart waits a little longer before making another fast written and mediocre movie because if me makes more movies like this he will lose his movie career before it really even starts. There is something to be said about striking while the iron is hot and maximizing your money when you can, but there is also something to be said about overexposing yourself too much and making too many bad movies.

Hopefully the next movie we see from Kevin Hart is another concert movie.

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Movie Review: Insurgent

Just like with the Hunger Games series of movies, which originally were books written for teenagers, this movie series amazes me just ask much as I try and figure out why this boring idea is so popular with anyone, much less young adults.

It was two hours of mostly being bored, and wondering why one scene lead into another scene and trying to make sense out of the whole thing. I guess the overall idea of all this is that people are different and possibly can be classified into different categories and its OK for people to be different.

Unfortunately there is a third and fourth book in this series which will result in 2 more movies. I am not a fan of this movie or the previous one. Unless your a big fan of the books I would steer clear of this whole long boring mess.

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Movie Review: The Gunman

What amazed me about this movie was how good shape Sean Penn is in, and despite that he chain smokes
through this whole movie and smokes in real life. I long for the day when smoking is banned in all movies forever. When that day happens the world will definitely be a better place. As far as this movie, my main impression was that it was boring in spots, very average and you got the feeling that during the entire two hours you had seen everything that was in this movie many times before.

I give this movie just a marginally passing grade.

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Movie Review: Run All Night

This was a good revenge movie, one of the best I have seen in some time. The action sequences were not only well shot but quite believable. Liam Neeson has been in some bad movies lately, most especially the 3rd and last installment of the Taken series and it was good to see him back in something that was quite good. The end of the movie was rather predictable, but the ending was believable.

I definitely recommend this movie.

Movie Review: Unfinished Business

This movie was remarkably bad. Was it a comedy? I guess so, but nobody laughed and there was not a single minute of this movie that was funny. The only thing about this movie that was any good was that eventually it mercifully did end and with it my torturous waste of 2 hours of my life. I cannot even believe that a script this bad was even green-lit for production into a movie that cost millions of dollars to make. This movie will be a gigantic financial bomb and another one for Vince Vaughn who has picked another very bad movie idea to star in. If this keeps up his career will be over in about a year.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

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Movie Review: Chappie

This movie was extremely disappointing, way too long, boring and I could not wait for the agonizing 2 hours where I watched this movie to finally be over. When you hear that a movie is going to be shown on IMAX theaters you expect that there will be great special effects that would merit this distinction, but for this movie the special effects were very few and far between. The story at first was promising but after that the entire movie, especially the story went downhill very fast. When it was all said and done, after looking at my watch about 10 times during this very bad movie, I was very happy that it finally ended.

Do yourself a favor and miss this movie.

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Movie Review: The Lazarus Effect

Its hard to like any movie that is mostly about the depressing subject of death and this movie was no exception. The overall idea of this movie has been done before; bring back a person or animal that has been dead back to life but this movie does not address this idea different enough to be interested in seeing it or enthusiastic about sitting through two hours. The special effects were just OK, and the horror aspect was not that scary or interest either. I was also surprised that Olivia Wilde decided to take on this movie as it seemed well beneath the recent quality of movies she has made recently and during her career.

This is one ridiculous horror movie that is definitely worth missing.

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