Movie Review: The Longest Ride

This is another Nicholas Sparks movie and it is very amazing that this guy has had so many of his love story books made into movies, the best one of course the Notebook which came out in 2004.

This movie “The Longest Ride” is a strange movie because it tries to connect the events of 1940 during and after the war and a love story between a Jewish couple who find out that because of a war injury that they will not be able to have children and a young couple from present day who meet at a Bull Riding event in the south.  The only connection between the two couples is that the women have a love of art and on a drive back after a date the current day couple rescue an old man who they found in a ditch after a car accident.   What follows are some flashback’s to the 1940’s and the old man’s marriage and relationship with his late wife and the problems the current couple are having with their relationship, mainly because the young man who is a professional Bull Rider is not able to give up this very dangerous sport because of a recent brain injury after a bull riding accident on year earlier.

Normally when I have seen movies that try and connect two different stories there are more similarities, connections or ironies that exist than this movie which had some very loosely connected ideas and story lines which for the most part didn’t really work.

I definitely found the movie “The Notebook” a very good movie when is saw it years ago and I have thought over the years that most of the Nicolas Sparks movies were good or at least average but this movie misses the mark on too many levels to recommend.

I cannot give a recommendation to “The Longest Ride”.

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