Movie Review: Entourage

I assume that fans of the HBO series are going to like this movie. People who never saw the series or who don’t get HBO are going to think that this movie is at best OK. The main thing I liked about this movie is that it provided some sort of an inside view of what it must be like to make a movie; with the problems, producers, money issues and shortfalls and the ego’s and bickering among executives, producers and the creative people who write, act and create the movie in the first place. This movie probably had more celebrity cameo’s than any movie ever has; maybe of all time. The many cameo’s neither took away nor did they add any value to the movie’s content. In the end, I thought the movie was just OK, not bad, but not that good either.

This movie has just a moderate recommendation from me.

Screenwriting pitfalls

Writing Subtext

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