Movie Review: I’ll see you in my dreams

Many times small movies; movies that do well at the Sundance film festival or the Cannes Film festival are about ordinary people going through very common and ordinary circumstances. “I’ll see you in my dreams” is one of those movies. This story is about an older woman who lost her husband some 20 years earlier in a plane crash and she has been on her own for over 20 years and now she is in her 70’s. She has a dog at the beginning of the movie, but later in the story the dog, like so many dogs who are 14 years or older, dies and she has to put the dog to sleep. This woman has 4 close friends, which makes her lonely life more bearable and meets a man later in the movie, but I will not mention any more about this part of the story.

During the movie on several occasions, Blythe Danner, who plays the main character in the movie, shows pictures of her late husband which turns out to be a picture of her real life late husband Bruce Paltrow, who died in 2002 at age on 58 of throat cancer.

This movie is about an average life; the life of a woman who is getting older and realizing that life and getting older has a lot to do with losing friends and relatives and facing your own mortality.

I highly recommend this movie.

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