Movie Review: Magic Mike XXL

This movie was about as stupid a movie as I expected. What I didn’t expect was the dialog which was all over the place, the meaningless scenes and the tedious boredom throughout most of this idiotic waste of 2 hours. Some of the conversations between members of this crew of men who drive around to different locations stripping and performing hardly made sense in a number of instances.  What did stand out for me is that there are some real people in this world who really do something this stupid for a living.   How ridiculous a life is this anyway to drive around to seedy clubs to have dollar bills thrown at you by drunk women bars?  The other thing that stands out for me was how badly some of these actors wanted to be an actor in a movie and are willing to embarrass and humiliate themselves in front of millions of movie goers. On numerous different occasions there were men dancing around crowd of women and the floor was loaded with dollar bills and I wondered how do they figure out who gets all this movie? How do they divide the hundreds of dollar bills fairly. For me this was the only mystery of this movie. Who gets all this money? How do they divide it all up?

The bottom line is that some of the actors in this movie will never work again after this disaster and others, including Channing Tatum will work again.  I was very happy to see this movie end but unfortunately it was almost a full 2 hours of just one ridiculous stupid road trip to bars a beach and some houses.

Do yourself a favor and miss this very stupid movie.

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