Movie Review: Terminator Genisys

Convoluted and very stupid. This is how I would summarize one of the most ridiculous plot lines ever created for any movie in movie history. Once again the emphasis was not to create a great script with great dialog and a coherent story, but forego all of the quality in place of special effects.

Of course the original movie made in 1984 had a ridiculous plot idea about time travel and sending back a man who would be his father? What? Your kidding right? How could he exist in the first place if in the future he had to send a man back in time to be his father? Even if time travel were possible, none of this would make any sense. I can understand a person going back in time, but not to create himself in the first place with a father who had not even been born yet? This is insane, but the action scenes and the idea of robots and the end of the world were compelling enough to enjoy the first movie.

This latest Terminator movie “Terminator Genisys” had some great action sequences but a story and logic that completely made no sense. This movie revisited some ideas and scenes from the first movie, but then we are made to believe that a whole new time line was created when Kyle Reese goes back in time like he did in the original movie and now they had to go into the future to the year 2017 to stop the second or new attempt by Skynet to destroy the world and kill off all mankind? If time travel were to ever exist, of course it would never make any sense to go into the future that has yet to be created. I could understand going back to 1984 and then back to where you were or some years earlier, but this idea of going into a yet to be created future is ridiculous. All I would ask from a movie like this that is so full if ideas and science is to make a story that can be followed, has some logic to it and most importantly makes sense. There is another story line where the Terminator Robot played once again by Arnold Schwarzenegger was sent back in time to protect a 9 year old Sarah Conner, who she now calls “Pops”. This is another overly complicated and additional story line about time travel that was not necessary and made no sense. I thought the actress who plays Sarah Conner, Emilia Clarke was not only excellent in the role, but has one of the most attractive faces I have ever seen. She will have a huge future in the movie business due to her acting ability and exceptional presence on screen.

As far as all of the other Terminator movies, the second Terminator movie was much better than the first. This movie had everything, great special effects, a great script and great dialog. Terminator 2 is one of the very rate sequels that was better than the first movie. Terminator 3 was a good movie, not as good as the first 2 with some great action sequences. The 4th Terminator called “Terminator Salvation” was just a very bad movie.

Now one has to wonder based on the ending of this 5th Terminator movie where this franchise could go next? How can a new idea be written considering how this one ended? Hopefully whatever new idea is created, its much better than this one, which was completely ridiculous and made no sense on about 5 different levels.

Overall, I do recommend this movie but only for the action scenes and special effects. The story and plot are just plain ridiculous throughout.

The problem with Hollywood

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