Movie Review: Sicario

According to a display at the beginning of this movie: “Sicario in Mexican means Hit Man”. This movie points out some horrible life realities about Mexico and the poor that we all already know about. When you are so poor that your future life will mean living on the streets then the only way to survive is to either illegally break into the United States or lead a life of crime which mostly includes drug trafficking.

Recent news events and comments about illegal immigration in this country from the likes of Donald Trump is at the center of this movie which is about major drug king pins from Columbia and Mexico and tunnels that lead from Mexico into Arizona and Texas. This movie is also about revenge and a strategy by the CIA and FBI to flush out the worst and highest ranking drug criminals to get them to reveal not only themselves by their higher contacts in Mexico and Columbia in an attempt to reduce drug trafficking from the top down.

This movie was well made for the most part but during other scenes it was kind of slow, not really moving forward for some time. There was a long scene in the beginning of this movie which involved a long convoy of SUV’s driving through many miles of Mexican roads through crime country, that eventually lead to a major shootout on a highway which was highly unusual in how it eventually came about. The acting was very solid throughout and the ending scenes which involve revenge of of a Colombian drug agent working with the CIA was very well done but at the same time very disturbing. Emily Blunt did a fine job as the lead in this movie but just like her character she seemed at times over her head with some of the extreme violence in some of the scenes.

I do recommend this movie.


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