Movie Review: Spectre

This is the 24th edition of the bond series, the first one “Dr. No” was released in 1962. This movie has all the things you would expect in any Bond movie, an incredible opening sequence – this one having an amazing Helicopter fight scene that looked extremely dangerous to film. Several bond women; this movie having the oldest Bond girl Monica Bellucci who is 51 years old. A great fight scene; this time on a train and some very good action sequences. There is also a great car chase in this Bond film; this one having one with 2 very impressive and expensive cars. The downside of most of these Bond films is as always the situation where James Bond can be easily killed, but for some reason the evil villain must have him go through some elaborate escape rather than just killing him outright. Of course much of this has to do with giving the audience some drama but one has to wish that someday there will be some sense of common sense to some of these ridiculous escape scenes -and this movie has one of the most absurd escapes at the end.

One other unusual part of this film is that the villain in the movie doesn’t appear until about 80% of the movie is over, which has to be the first time we have seen this in a Bond movie. There are many scenes which have no connection or logic to them, as the audience has to wonder why is this happening or what was the logical lead-up to this scene and this is especially true of the ending which I thought was particularly ridiculous. There is talk that this is Daniel Craig’s fourth and last Bond film and perhaps the reason for this is that he is tired of some of the nonsensical scenes and scripts which sometimes make no sense. Overall this is a good Bond film but it will not stand out as one of the best that has ever been made in this series mainly because the script and the logic of some of the scenes just do not add up. Also I thought the ending was just not that good at all.

Overall, I do recommend this movie.

Spectre IMDB


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