Movie Review: My All American

Its always been true that the most prevalent and best sports movies are the ones that are about a true story or perhaps a tragic event that is associated with a sports hero.  Brian’s song is probably the best and saddest of these kinds of movies, the Lou Gehrig story is another example.

Many players who could have been great through their performances in high school or college never make into the professional ranks because of injuries, the wrong situation or even major health issues.  This movie is about Freddie Steinmark who played for the Texas Longhorns college football team in the late 60’s and despite his small size was able to become one of the star defensive players on the team.  Freddie’s father drove Freddie in high school into becoming a great athlete and despite the impossible odds due to his size he was given a full scholarship to the University of Texas.

The majority of this movie has some very effective scenes of football games and the action and sometimes violence associated with this sport. One can wonder how any young man could make it into the NFL considering the high probability of a major injury.  This movie does end tragically and it does involve the subject of cancer and the story ending scenes are effective in this regards.

This movie does a good job depicting the life of Freddie Steinmark who was a very good player in college and like so many, never made it to the NFL.   The football scenes were well done and the end of this story was also well done.   I do recommend this movie.

My All American – IMDB


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