Movie Review: Star Wars the Force Awakens

Its impossible to believe that in 1977 the first Star Wars movie was released and when it came out many thought at first that this was some average B movie and not a movie that anyone would have considered would be a new form of art or even a new idea that would change the world of movie making. After this first block buster hit in 1977 there were two more Star Wars movies in 1980 and 1983 and then George Lucas the director and creator of this franchise decided to not make any more Star Wars movies for 16 years and then starting in 1999 he made 3 prequels. Most people thought that the 3 prequel Star Wars movies were great with special effects but overall the stories were not up to the quality of the first 3 movies. The first prequel in 1999 had a duck-like character called Jar Jar Binks that many thought was by far the worst idea of the whole series.

After the last Star Wars movie in 2005 “Revenge of the Sith”, George Lucas announced that there would “never be another Star Wars movie”. This was before he sold the franchise to Disney for 4 billion dollars in 2012. (see the other entry about this in this blog).

Now that Disney has Star Wars, many more movies will follow because the story and the money is just too compelling. Human beings all want to believe that there is a great future for humanity in space and ideas like Star Trek and Star Wars enhance this desire to travel to different parts of the universe at “light speed”.

This movie was both directed and written by JJ Abrams and is a very good movie but I thought given the importance of this movie and the return of the Star Wars franchise after 10 long years, this movie could have been better. The story was very good, but not great, the special effects were very good but not great or anything we have not seen before. I also did not agree at all with the decision about one of the characters in this movie which I considered to be short sighted and too tragic for many of the young people who will be seeing this movie. Considering the very young children who will see this latest Star Wars, there is probably too many scenes of violent death, many of which were not necessary. There is a new droid in this 7th movie in the Star Wars series that is essentially two globes that rub together and this robot is far cuter that R2D2, who does make a small cameo appearance towards the end of this movie. This new robot is already a toy available in almost all toy stores and is a major source of comedy relieve in this 2 1/2 hours of action and warring factions of good and evil.

All of the original Star Wars characters from the original series made appearances in this new story except for Yoda, who I am sure will be making an appearance in the next movie as the ending left the door way open for many new releases of Star Wars movies for many more years to come. You had to be in awe of the 2 young starts of this movie Daisy Ridley and John Boyega who won the lottery with this last Star Wars release and the 3 to 5 more films that will follow over the next 10 years. They are as fortunate as the young actors in the Harry Potter series, who will make millions from their salaries and back ended profits from these movies.

This 7th Star Wars movie is a must see for all big fans of Star Wars and all people who just want to see a well made action/adventure movie. Due to the Disney deal with George Lucas the future of the Star Wars story is in good hands and we all can look forward to many movies like this in the future. Hopefully, all the movies will be up to a very high standard which this movie for the most part attains.


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