Movie Review: Hello, My Name is Doris

This really is the first movie that Sally Field has made as an old woman, with the possible exception of the movie Lincoln where she played Mary Todd Lincoln some years ago. Sally will be 70 this year and she looks good for her age overall and has had a career to be very proud of, including 2 academy Awards for Norma Ray in 1979 and Places in the Heart in 1984.

Like most women in Hollywood over age 40 or 50, the great parts are few and far between which is an unfortunate reality of choosing a life in Show Business. This movie was made for only around 1 million dollars and I was overall pretty impressed with the quality of this very low budget story. Some of this movie was pretty funny and other parts about a 70 year old woman infatuated by a man who was 35 years younger were pretty sad because as it turns out it was all mostly just a series of misunderstandings on her part. Doris also loses her mother at the start of the movie, was never married and is a hoarder living in a disastrous house. We also find out that she probably never got married because she had to take care of her mother.

As always Field’s acting was outstanding and the remaining cast, which included Tyne Daly was also quite impressive as well.

This is a good and entertaining movie and I do recommend it.


Hello, My Name is Doris – IMDB

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