Movie Review: Suicide Squad

One has to wonder while watching the movie “Suicide Squad”, whether or not special effects and action scenes are cheaper or easier to shoot when it’s dark, foggy or murky. Just about 100% of all the action scenes in this movie are at night or dusk or in foggy or rainy conditions. On top of this, the entire film is constantly dark regardless of whether the scenes are internal or external. The story is very dark too, about a group of murderers and insane people that include one sorcerer witch and one guy who looks like a lizard who are locked up for life and are now needed to save the world for reasons that are never clearly defined and seem to change as the movie continues. Another thing about this crazy movie are that the first one-third is devoted to defining and explaining who these criminal people are, but not nearly enough of the remaining story is about explaining the insane and stupid story which in many places makes no sense and in most other parts is completely crazy.

Margo Robbie has a career in movies right now that is exploding and Will Smith are the stars of this film and each of them have by far the most lines and scenes. Robbie plays a former psychiatrist who falls in love with the Joker, played by Jared Leto and as a result, goes completely insane and somehow gains extraordinary martial arts skills along the way. Will Smith plays and assassin who has amazing accuracy in shooting any kind of a gun. The actress Viola Davis seems to be completely misplaced in this mostly bad movie. I was surprised that she, along with Will Smith, chose to be in this film, given that it is so obviously poorly written and mostly bad. After all the characters are defined the story goes into introducing some kind of an alien force that is created by the sorcerer​ in a scene that barely makes any sense. From here the entire story goes completely south and involves this group of criminals chasing down and fighting these aliens who seem to be comprised of rocks and stones.

Unfortunately, this movie is not very good and I cannot recommend it.

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