Movie Review: Mechanic Resurrection

From The definition of the word Contrived:

obviously planned or forced; artificial; strained:
a contrived story.

When a person goes into most action movies and with rare exception you have to suspend your common sense almost as if you are turning off your brain for two hours. At some point, however, there has to be some sense of logic to a movie, a story that makes sense and action sequences that are not so over the top that they are not just plain stupid. Unfortunately “Mechanic Resurrection” is not one of those movies. Just about all of the action sequences in this film are ridiculous especially when you consider how often one man can kill about 40 other people in two hours, most of whom are carrying high-powered machine guns and never once is the main character shot or even cut. How can this be? It’s literally impossible and all we ask as an audience is to put more thought into the action sequences to make them more believable. None of this exists in this movie. Even the story of Mechanic Resurgence is absurd. Criminals kidnap a woman, who works for a charity in Cambodia in the hopes that because​ she is so attractive she will get the main character to fall in love with her and then they will have leverage over him so he will kill 3 people for them, and then make the assassinations look​ like an accident. This entire idea is stupid. Why would the producers, screenwriter and director even think a story like this is plausible? Anybody in the audience should be insulted by a plot this idiotic because it demonstrates an alarming lack of respect for the audience. Producers should spend another few months on a script and come up with a better story, because the story in this movie, is just plain absurd and contrived.

As far as Jason Statham, all of his fans will see nothing new in this film. This film is the same karate and violent​ death movies Statham has done many times before. As far as Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones you have to figure that they took this movie because they wanted to stay in the public eye or perhaps because they owed a favor to someone. Maybe other reasons would include that all quality independently made movies don’t pay enough money or they never read the script for this film.

I recommend this movie only for extreme Jason Statham fans, for everybody else you should stay home and miss this mostly bad film. If you do see this movie for any reason, remember to leave your brain in the car.

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