Movie Review: Morgan

Morgan is another one of those films where you have to temporarily suspend your logical mind for two hours to buy into the premise that the world of science is capable of creating what they call a “synthetic person” from a Petrie dish. Of course, biological science is many years from being able to do something like this, much less having any world Government allowing cloning a human person in the first place. What would fix this biological science inaccuracy would be to have a blurb that says that this story happens in the future at the beginning of the movie, but there is no mention of this as the movie starts so the assumption is that this far-fetched story happens in the present day.

Relative newcomer Anya Taylor-Joy plays the synthetic creature and she is made up to look somewhat like an alien, mostly because of her skin which has a different look to it than normal human skin. Her actions in this movie consisted of some minor dialogue that proves she is highly intelligent even though she is chronologically only 5 years old and killing people rather violently about 7 times. Kate Mara plays an insurance risk adjuster of all things who is sent to a run-down mansion where this biological experiment is taking place to determine whether the risk of an experiment like this is worth the potential profit. The first stupid thing that made no sense was at the start of this film. One of the scientists conducting this experiment​, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh is stabbed in the eye unexpectedly​​ during an interview by Morgan. After this, any scientist​, lab technician​ or idiot with the lowest IQ would make sure that if anyone else is with this unstable​ creature again, she would​ be in restraints so she cannot hurt or kill anyone else, but that is not what happens​ here, which is ridiculous. ​Sure enough, Morgan attacks a psychiatrist played by Paul Giamatte later in the film. For me, I was surprised​ that actors of the caliber of Kate Mara and Paul Giamatti​ are in this film in the first place because overall it is just a small cut above B-movie​ status.

For reasons not explained anywhere in this film, this synthetic creature, despite the fact that she is extremely intelligent becomes very violent and kills people several times during this film in the hopes of escaping to some area in the woods with another lab technician who she thinks loves her. There are several impressive fight scenes between Kate Mara and Morgan later in the movie and a trick unexpected ending that doesn’t​ hold water as the film concludes. This movie has too many implausible ideas​ and for that reason I do not recommend​ it.

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