Movie Review: Sausage Party

I am once again, embarrassed to admit that I saw this movie and I saw it mainly because of the positive recommendation of Richard Roper (see video below). This movie tries to combine foul language, raunchy jokes and humor, sexual innuendo, religion, the belief in God and a cartoon all in one movie. Any person seeing this bad movie would recognize that this combination of things has probably never happened before in a 2-hour​ film along with the fact that it’s just not funny. Nobody in the audience laughed and I sure didn’t laugh either. So for this reason alone, a comedy cartoon movie that is supposed to be funny and isn’t, I cannot recommend this film. I thought that the graphics were good, but for so much computer graphics for a movie that was not good, I thought was a waste of a great deal of hard work. Miss this film and wait for a cartoon movie that is actually funny because this one is not.

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